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Granite Installation in Fort Worth, Texas

Since 2010, Fort Worth granite has provided the widest selection of fine quality granite, quartz and countertop stone to Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex. We are devoted to providing you with the finest countertops, most reliable service and lowest prices anywhere. Our installation services cannot be matched, as we put you at the top of our priority list!

Installation Services We Provide

Every installation service you need to upgrade your home is offered and provided by us. At Fort Worth Granite, we take pride in our skilled, experienced installation experts.

No matter what you need to transform your home, we’ve got your back!

  • Backsplashes
    Your backsplash does more than protect your walls from splatters. A backsplash in detailed tile patterns or unique natural stones frames and enhances your countertops.
  • Countertops
    Our expert installation specialists are skilled at constructing and installing all countertop styles. No matter if you prefer classic or contemporary, we ensure your countertops are worthy of envy.
  • Kitchen
    We see to it that your kitchen is transformed from a work area into the gathering place in your home. Our perfectly executed granite, quartz and natural stone countertops cannot be topped
  • Bathroom
    Mosaic tile patterns, a natural stone shower, elegant marble countertops and fine hardware turn your bathroom into a relaxing, spa retreat.
  • Natural Stone
    Natural stones in luxurious varieties such as slate, marble or travertine are excellent for your kitchen countertop, backsplash or unusually-shaped countertop areas.
  • Edge Profiles
    It takes years of industry experience for a fabricator to craft intricate, flawless edge profiles, as our fabrication experts do. Your edge profile is a key design element that expresses your preferred decorative style.

Types of Stone We Provide

Fort Worth Granite offers you many more countertop stone choices than granite or quartz. Natural stone, Specialty stone and rare stone varieties are but a few of the many countertop stone selections we make available to you.

  • Granite
    Granite is valued by homeowners for its elegant beauty. It is quarried, cut and polished; therefore, no two granite slabs are identical. As it is a natural stone, it is pourous and must be sealed and treated annually. The elegance it infuses into your home far exceeds the care that granite requires. Granite colors run the spectrum from the purest white to dramatic black. Granite also comes in swirled varieties and speckled patterns. We have all colors, varieties and patterns in our vast inventory. If you don’t see exactly what you’re searching for, we order it exclusively for you!
  • Natural marble stone
    Natural marble is luxurious and instantly transforms any room. It is softer than granite and susceptible to scratches and stains. When you choose marble, consider where it will be located and what it will be subjected to. For example, a marble countertop and vanity is perfect in your bathroom, but a marble bar area with a spilled glass of red wine would be disastrous. Marble works beautifully in refined, traditional environments. The intricate, detailed ogee edge profile is perfect on a marble countertop. .
  • Quartz
    Quartz is rapidly increasing in popularity. Quartz countertops are comprised of quartz material and approximately 7% resin, making quartz countertops easy to care for, resistant to stains and cost-efficient. Quartz can be dyed any color or pattern you desire. There is no color variance between slabs; therefore, it is excellent for large countertop areas because seaming doesn’t show. Quartz countertops do not require treating. They are a good choice for those of you with hectic schedules, who enjoy cooking frequently or who want a large countertop area for casual entertaining.
  • Custom & Special stone
    Custom and specialty stone such as onyx, travertine, slate or soapstone each have unique characteristics. Some are better suited for certain areas than others. Incorporating specialty stone and rare, custom granite varieties guarantees your countertops will be unique unto you. Use custom and specialty stone to showcase important areas such as your kitchen island or to put the focus on your beautiful cabinetry or collectibles. Specialty stones and custom stones are excellent to use thoughout your home. .
  • Dolomite
    Dolomite is a type of limestone that is also commonly known as dolostone. It makes a beautiful countertop and has the hardness level slightly harder than marble but not as hard as granite. Hence, when you select dolomite consider where the countertop will be located and what its primary function will be. For example, dolomite works perfectly as a bathroom countertop or vanity, but for an entertainment bar or entryway flooring dolomite could take a beating. Dolomite comes in a limited variety of colors but currently, gray tones are very popular in interior design. Our designer is here to assist you with this decision. .
  • Quartzite
    Quartzite is a natural stone that mimics the appearance of marble. If you love the look of marble, you’ll love quartzite! Advantages of quartzite are that it’s harder than marble so it holds up to normal wear and tear, it doesn’t fade so is excellent for areas that are subjected to direct sunlight and it requires fairly low maintenance. Different varieties require sealing and treating more than others. Quartzite colors are primarily in lighter tones so if you desire brighter colors, quartz would be a better choice than quartzite. .

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