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Granite countertops Little Elm TX

Granite Kitchen Countertops
Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite Countertops in Little Elm, TX. Little Elm and nearby areas of Fort Worth, Tx have relied on Fort Worth Granite for all their granite, quartz and specialty stone needs since 2010. If you are looking for a family-owned and operated company with a huge selection of granite countertops for sale, look no further than Fort Worth Granite. Because granite has such an elegantly natural look and is very sturdy, it is highly sought-after for home alterations.

Before granite can even be accessible to you, it must be sourced from a natural quarry, cut and then polished. This ensures that your countertop is a unique work of fine art. Granite is also offered in a huge range of looks and styles. You can have a stone that’s as light or as dark as you wish, with many different styles and textures available as well. This separates your countertop from the rest.

We recognize that price is a common worry when it comes to home upgrades, but you don’t need to worry! Due to our granite wholesale prices and gigantic inventory size, you can be sure that we have the right design for you, whatever your budget may be.

Quartz Countertops Little Elm TX

Quartz Kitchen Countertops
Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Countertops in Little Elm, TX. While granite and quartz are both noteworthy types of stone, people are commonly unsure if one of the two may be a better fit for what they need. Quartz countertops are easy to maintain, easy to clean and stain resilient. If you want a quartz countertop in your favorite color, it can even be dyed for you.

If you like cooking and entertaining, or if you have a frantic schedule, quartz countertops might be the best choice for you.

Quartz and Granite Showroom and Warehouse

Come check out our showroom, where an expert will present you with an eclectic variety of styles and colors available within our expansive warehouse, bursting with an assortment of quartz and granite slabs. A design consultant will also be available to help you pick out the right stone for your countertop!

Offering All Stone Countertops

We also offer natural stone and specialty stone if you want something other than granite and quartz countertops. These stones improve the look of your area with an imaginative and bold look. Natural stone and specialty stone will give your countertops an astonishing appearance, whether you want a classical design or something more modern.

  • Natural Stone
    Add a striking and original style with natural stone.
  • Specialty Stone
    Specialty stone makes slight details pop out.
  • Euro Style
    Euro style gives your stone the elegant look of cascading water.

Quartz and Granite Installation

At Fort Worth Granite, we are your specialists for granite, but we know more than just countertops! We will provide and install all parts of a project to make sure you have the perfect home that you desire, from the project’s start until finish.

Throughout our time in business, we have built close associations with the best suppliers in the industry. This empowers us to offer sinks, tile, flooring and more while passing the value on to you. Whatever room needs a makeover, we’ll handle it for you!

  • Backsplashes
    Tile and natural stone give your countertops a wonderful frame.
  • Countertops
    We expertly measure, cut and install your countertops.
  • Edge Profiles
    Add an extra bit of style to your countertops with edge profiles.
  • Kitchen
    Sinks, tile, and hardware are your kitchen’s final touches.
  • Bathroom
    Transform your shower into a comforting oasis.
  • Natural Stone
    Natural stones elevate the appearance of your bathroom, fireplace and countertops.
  • Sinks
    We have a great sink for you, regardless of what you’re looking for!
  • Remnants
    Granite and quartz remnants are a cost-effective way to enhance small spaces.

Edge Profiles

The edges of your countertop are a small but important design element. Edge profiles act to smooth out the rough edges of your countertops while adding an attractive accent. Do you want a time-tested look or something more contemporary and daring? Where will the countertop be placed and what will it’s main use be? It is important to answer these questions as they allow our designer to help you in selecting what edge profile will best fit your needs and disposition.

Types of Countertop Edge Profiles.
Types of Countertop Edge Profiles.
  • Bevel
    This angled edge profile is appropriate for all designs.
  • Demi Bullnose
    A popular profile that features a softly rounded upper edge.
  • Full Bullnose
    This profile is like the demi bullnose, but the lower edges are also rounded.
  • Laminate
    Adding a thicker look to your stone, this edge is layered.
  • Ogee
    An intricate edge for a distinguished look.
  • Straight
    A smooth edge making your stone the emphasis.

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Browse our online inventory or call us today at (817) 601-1003 to talk with our Granite Countertop Specialist in Little Elm, TX. If you have any questions for us, we would be eager to answer them. Come visit our showroom in person to see our variety of quartz and granite countertop deals for yourself.

At Fort Worth Granite, we have a huge selection of fine granite, quartz and natural stone available at the best prices in Fort Worth, Texas!