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Granite Countertops Keene TX

Fort Worth Granite is your number one source for the widest selection of fine quality granite countertops in the Fort Worth area and entire DFW metroplex. For nearly a decade, we have provided the best quality granite countertops to homeowners in Keene and throughout the surrounding cities. Homeowners value granite countertops because they are elegant and beautiful. Granite is a natural stone that is quarried, cut and polished, so no two slabs of granite are identical. Are you curious as to what colors granite is available in? Would you like brown granite for your Western-style home? Does soothing white granite appeal to your traditional taste?  Granite comes in a multitude of colors and varieties, even swirled and speckled patterns. “How much do granite countertops cost?”, you ask. We hear that question often. We always provide you a free estimate. We know home upgrading costs can add up. Because of our vast inventory and low, low prices, we make it possible for you to afford the granite countertops you’ve been wanting, no matter what your budget limitations are.

Quartz Countertops Keene TX

Homeowners debate with each other as to whether granite countertops or quartz countertops are better. They both have very positive qualities, so it comes down to which one you like the appearance of the best and what better suits your needs and lifestyle. Since quartz countertops are a combination of quartz material and resin, they are easy to care for, more affordable and don’t stain as easily. Quartz countertops are a great choice if your schedule is always hectic, you love cooking frequently or regular entertaining at home is important to you.

Quartz and Granite Showroom & Warehouse

Visit us at our Fort Worth showroom and see for yourself the wide selection of granite and quartz colors, patterns and varieties we offer you. Our installation expert will guide you through our expansive warehouse to view the extensive amount of large granite and quartz slabs we have available for you to choose from. There is so much it’s often difficult for people to choose! Our design consultant will assist you in selecting the countertop stone that is just right for you and will present to you the many ways you can frame and enhance your countertops by incorporating our affordable quartz and granite remnants.

Offering All Stone Countertops

We provide you more countertop styles and stone options than only quartz and granite. Specialty stone, natural stone and euro style countertops, also known as waterfall, broaden your countertop style and stone choices. When you’re deciding, consider where the countertop will be located and what it will primarily be used for. Also, what is your favorite home design style? Do you like contemporary? Are dramatic accents important to you? What about an earthy, western theme? No matter what style makes you feel most at home, when you utilize natural and specialty stones such as marble, slate or soapstone, you put your personal stamp on your countertops.

  • Natural Stone
    Your creative options expand with natural stone countertops.
  • Specialty Stone
    Contrast your kitchen island with dramatic specialty stone.
  • Euro Style
    Like a waterfall, your stone appears to cascade downward.

Quartz and Granite Installation

Here at Fort Worth Granite, we do more for you than install your countertops! You can count on us to offer you every finishing detail you need to upgrade your home. Our close association with the top suppliers in the business enables us to provide and install fine hardware, sinks, flooring, tiles and more and pass the low costs directly to you. Is your fireplace an eyesore? Are you tired of hiding that worn-out linoleum? Does your kitchen sink frustrate you? No matter what your house needs to become the home of your dreams, you can rest assured we’ve got it all covered!

  • Backsplashes
    Natural stone and tile backsplashes frame your countertops.
  • Countertops
    Our countertops are always measured, cut and installed with precision.
  • Edge Profiles
    Expertly crafted edge profiles express your decorative preference.
  • Kitchen
    Finish your kitchen with fine hardware, tiles and flooring.
  • Bathroom
    Mosaic tile patterns turn your bathroom into an oasis.
  • Natural Stone
    Transform your kitchen, shower and fireplace with beautiful natural stone.
  • Sinks
    We have all styles from stainless to shabby chic.
  • Remnants
    Affordable granite and quartz remnants highlight small, important areas.

Edge Profiles

The importance of your countertop’s edges is often overlooked. Edge profiles smooth the rough edges of your countertop stone slab. In addition, the edge profile you select expresses the design style you like best. It takes years of experience for a fabrication specialist to craft perfectly executed edge profiles. When making your selection, consider the countertop’s location and general purpose, as well as the style you are the most comfortable with. Do you like that down-home feeling? Is keeping up with the trends more your style? Our designer will present examples of each edge profile and aid you in choosing the one that best fits you and satisfies your needs.

  • Bevel
    All design preferences are compatible with this angled edge.
  • Demi Bullnose
    Rounded on the upper edges, this is very popular.
  • Full Bullnose
    Topside and underside countertop edges are smoothly rounded.
  • Laminate
    Your stone appears thicker with this layered edge profile.
  • Ogee
    Express timeless elegance with this intricate, ornate profile edge.
  • Straight
    This simple edge puts the focus on your countertop stone.

For Granite or Quartz Contact Us Today

Our family-owned company is here for you to answer all of your questions! Contact us today at (817) 601-1003 and speak with our granite and quartz experts. Check out our online inventory and stop by to see us at our locally-based Fort Worth showroom. We look forward to meeting you! Fort Worth Granite takes pride in providing you with the widest selection of fine granite and quartz countertops, the best service anywhere and the lowest prices to be found. With us, you can be certain you’ll receive the best of everything!