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Granite Countertops Grapevine TX

Granite Kitchen Countertops
Photo of A Granite Kitchen Countertops

We are your premier resource for the widest selection of fine granite countertops in Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area.  For nearly a decade, Fort Worth Granite has provided homeowners throughout Grapevine and the surrounding cites with the best quality granite countertops available anywhere.  Homeowners prize granite because no two slabs are identical and it instantly creates elegance in any room.  Would you love dramatic black granite to express your daring style?  Is soothing white granite what you dream of?  Have you wondered if granite is available in patterns?  Granite colors and variations run the full spectrum, including speckled and swirled varieties.  We offer the full range in our vast inventory.  If we don’t have what you’re seeking, we order it for you! 

How much do granite countertops cost?“.  We’re asked that often and we always provide a free estimate.  Since home upgrades can become expensive, our low prices and extensive inventory make certain you’re able to have the granite countertops you want, no matter what your budget range is.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Kitchen Countertops
Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Have you wondered which is better, quartz countertops or granite countertops?  Many homeowners ask this, but it really amounts to which you visually prefer and what is better suited for your lifestyle.  Quartz countertops are combined with resin, making them easy to care for, less likely to stain and very affordable.  As quartz can be dyed any color, they are excellent for large areas because there is no variance in color between slabs.

Are you always on-the-go?  Do you love cooking?  Is entertaining at home regularly something you enjoy?  If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions then quartz countertops are a good choice for you.

Quartz and Granite Showroom and Warehouse

Visit our Fort Worth showroom and see in-person the vast array of quartz and granite colors, patterns and varieties we offer you.  You will be guided through our extensive warehouse to view the abundance of large stone slabs for you to select from.  The choices are endless!  The design consultant will assist you in choosing the countertop stone that best fits your preferred decorative style and is most compatible with your lifestyle.  In addition, you will be presented the numerous design possibilities you have by incorporating natural stone, specialty stone and our affordable remnants.

Offering All Stone Countertops

Quartz and granite are not the only countertop stone choices Fort Worth Granite provides you!  Natural and specialty stones such as slate, marble, onyx and travertine add dramatic impact to your kitchen, bathroom and throughout your home.  As natural stones have unique characteristics, some are better suited for one place or purpose than another.  When making your selections, take into account the countertop’s location and major purpose it will serve. 

What design genre do you relate to best?  No matter if you prefer trendy, rustic, glam or traditional, our designer will assist you in choosing the natural stone and specialty stone that works best for you. 

  • Natural Stone
    Broaden your creative expression by incorporating natural stone.
  • Specialty Stone
    You’re guaranteed your countertops are uniquely yours with specialty stone.
  • Euro Style
    Your stone selection cascades down the sides like a waterfall.

Quartz and Granite Installation

At Fort Worth Granite, we do far more than install countertops!  Every fine detail your home transformation requires is provided and installed by us.  Is your fireplace in need of a mantle?  Does your bathroom need new flooring?  What about that old kitchen sink?  We are affiliated with the most respected suppliers in the industry, enabling us to offer you every detail required at the lowest prices anywhere. 

From flooring and tile to sinks and hardware, we take care of it all.  You can count on us to make certain your upgraded home makes you proud!

  • Backsplashes
    Your backsplash is pure artistry with mosaic tile patterns.
  • Countertops
    Your countertops are measured, cut and installed with precision.
  • Edge Profiles
    Our talented, experienced fabrication specialists craft flawless edge profiles .
  • Kitchen
    Revitalize your kitchen with fine sinks, hardware and flooring.
  • Bathroom
    Our natural stone shower turns your bathroom into a spa.
  • Natural Stone
    Showcase and frame your countertops with eye-catching natural stones.
  • Sinks
    No matter what your preferred style, we have them all!
  • Remnants
    Create a stunning accent table with our affordable remnants.

Edge Profiles

Don’t discount the importance of your countertop’s edges.  Functionally, they smooth the rough sides of your countertop stone slab.  Aesthetically, edge profiles express your preferred design inclination.  When selecting your edge profile, consider the countertop’s primary use and where it will be located.  What design genre do you relate to best?  Would trendy describe you?  Does classic, traditional style make you most comfortable?  Our designer will present you with examples of each edge profile and assist you in making this important design decision.

Types of Countertop Edge Profiles.
Types of Countertop Edge Profiles.
  • Bevel
    This profile is cohesive with all designs and features an angled edge.
  • Demi Bullnose
    A popular profile featuring an upper edge that has been softly rounded.
  • Full Bullnose
    This profile is similar to the demi bullnose, but the lower edges are also rounded.
  • Laminate
    Adding a visually thicker look to your stone, this is a layered edge.
  • Ogee
    An intricate edge that offers a refined style.
  • Straight
    A smooth edge making your stone the center of focus.

For Granite or Quartz Contact Us Today

View our online inventory and call us today at (817) 601-1003 to speak with our quartz, granite and specialty stone experts.  Do you have questions?  Our family-owned business is always available to answer any and all of your questions!  Stop by our Fort Worth showroom to see for yourself the extensive array of granite and quartz colors, patterns and varieties we offer you.  Fort Worth Granite provides you the most extensive selection, the best service and the lowest prices available anywhere.  Count on us to make your dream home come to life!