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Granite Countertops

For decades, granite has been valued highly by both homeowners and builders.  Nothing can transform the look of your home like granite does.  Granite has a sophisticated, distinguished appearance and adds beauty and elegance in any room it’s in.  As granite is a natural stone that is quarried, cut and polished, no two granite slabs are identical.  Fort Worth Granite has provided the finest quality granite countertops to homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex for nearly a decade. 

We are proud to offer you the widest selection of granite colors, patterns and varieties to be found anywhere in the six counties we serve and the surrounding areas.  Granite colors run the spectrum from Arctic White all the way to Absolute Black granite. 

Our extensive inventory has all granite colors, as well as unique speckled patterns and rare varieties.  We are devoted to providing you with the granite you are seeking.  If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we order it especially for you! 

Call us today at (817) 601-1003 and speak with our granite experts.  Come by our Fort Worth showroom and see for yourself the huge selection we make available for you to choose from.  You can count on Fort Worth Granite to provide you with the best granite you’ll find anywhere!

Do Granite Countertops Last A Long Time?

Yes!  When properly cared for and not subjected to abusive treatment, granite countertops will last for thirty years or more.  This is one of the primary reasons homeowners select granite countertops.  Your home’s value increases dramatically when you upgrade to granite countertops. 

We understand that home upgrades can sometimes become expensive, that is why we offer you low wholesale prices.  With granite countertops, you can be assured that you won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years!

I Like The Look Of Granite Countertops, But What Benefits Do I Get From Choosing Granite?

Granite is a very hard stone and holds up well to everyday home activities.  Although granite must be treated because it is a natural stone and is porous, darker shades of granite do not show stains easily.  Granite tolerates heat well so putting hot pans directly on its surface won’t damage it. 

Cutting and chopping on granite won’t harm it due to its high hardness level.  Abrasions and scuffs won’t occur with granite countertops.  Not only do granite countertops add beauty to your kitchen, bathroom and entertainment areas, but they also make life easier for you!  

Are Granite Countertops Going To Go Out Of Style?

Definitely not!  No matter what your preferred decorative style is, granite countertops will never become outdated.  Design trends come and go, but granite endures forever.  Beige and brown tones are always popular; however, white granite and deep black granite are guaranteed to always be stylish. 

When selecting your granite, consider what environmental style makes you most comfortable.  Do you prefer a country, rustic home?  Would you consider yourself to be trendy and contemporary?  Do you relate best to classic environments? 

Consider your preferred design style and your lifestyle when selecting your granite countertop choice.  At Fort Worth Granite, we’ve got the granite that is perfect for you!

I’m Not Sure If Granite Countertops Are The Best For Me.  How Do I Decide If I Should Get Granite Countertops Or A Different Stone?

Fort Worth Granite is devoted to making your life easier when you are choosing your countertop stone.  With us, you come first!  Stop by our family-owned, conveniently-located Fort Worth showroom and see up-close-and-personal the multitude of countertop stone we offer you. 

Do you want help with design and selection?  We take care of that for you also!  Our design consultant will assist you in choosing the granite, quartz or natural stone that is best suited for your preferred design style, your needs, and your lifestyle.  Call us today at (817) 601-1003.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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