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Ogee Edge Profiles

Upon completing the difficult task of selecting your countertop stone, you must choose your countertop’s edge profile. Not only does the edge profile smooth the rough edges of your countertop stone slab, it is an important design element that conveys your preferred decorative style.

Ogee Edge Countertop
Ogee Edge Countertop

To evoke a feeling of timeless, traditional elegance and sophistication, select the intricate, ornate ogee edge profile. This popular premium edge profile works well on all stone selections and lends itself exceptionally well to marble. The fabrication experts here at Fort WorthGranite craft beautifully-executed ogee edge profiles.

Beautifully Curved Edges

The intricate, ornate ogee edge profile works wonders in transforming your kitchen and bathroom countertops! This edge profile instantly creates an elegant atmosphere in your bathroom when used on the countertops and vanity. Don’t overdo it though!

For large kitchen countertop areas, select the ogee for your kitchen island to create stunning impact and contrast. For additional drama, the ogee edge profile can be combined with the layering of the laminate edge or the ogee and demi bullnose variation.

Fort Worth Granite has top-notch fabricators that are experienced in creating this premium edge profile. The edge of the countertop curves inward along the top before dramatically curving outward along the beautifully curved bottom edges. The ogee edge profile is compatible with all design environments and works exceptionally well in traditional, cottage-style or classical homes.